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Magnetic Crescent WrenchMagnetic Crescent WrenchMagnetic Crescent WrenchMagnetic Crescent Wrench


Magnetic Wrench can prevent nuts and bolts from falling on the ground and becoming lost when installing and removing them. This innovative product can resemble a traditional metal wrench with internal magnets on each end that can secure nuts and bolts to the wrench. The exact specifications, materials used, and method of use of Magnetic Wrench may vary upon manufacturing. Mechanics, home repair workers, engineers, at-home do-it-yourselfers, construction workers, contractors, and military personnel can all appreciate the convenience and practicality afforded by this product. In fact, the United States Air Force is looking forward to using this fully realized technology in the near future. Review the Utility Patent #8863622.


Nuts and bolts are prone to falling out of wrenches when installing or removing them, especially in tight spots. This can be highly inconvenient, as people may not see where the nuts and bolts fall. When this happens, the nuts and bolts can roll under furniture and become lost or can scatter on the floor, causing the person to spend time searching for and trying to locate them. Additionally, over time it can be costly to lose these pieces and have to constantly replace them. An effective solution is necessary. Magnetic Wrench can provide people with a convenient way to install and remove nuts and bolts with a wrench without the nut or bolt slipping out of the wrench and falling onto the floor. Review the Utility Patent #8863622.

Magnetic Wrench In Action!

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