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Magna Wrench

The Magnetic Wrench will provide people with a convenient way to install and remove nuts and bolts with a wrench without the nut or bolt slipping out of the wrench and falling onto the floor. The Magnetic Wrench is ideal for non-traditional settings, such as outer space and underwater. This unique product is comprised of a wrench with built-in, internal magnets. This concept can be applied to both metric and standard wrenches, as well as various shapes and sizes of wrenches. 

Magna-Wrench is the only fully patented hand wrench capable of holding a metal machine nut or bolt within its jaws while the nut or bolt is applied.
The Magna-wrench is distinguished as 100% U.S.A. made and meets the standards of the U.S. Military and the following NAICS Codes:

332216  |  333515  |  423120  |  423120  |  423830  |  444130  |  811310  |  332216  |  333991

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